The Big Conversation Partners present a three-part series on Building Trust in Our Health Care Systems beginning Sunday, April 25 from 3-5:00 p.m.
Attendance at all three sessions is encouraged; however, one must attend either Session 1 or Session 2 to participate in Session 3. All three will take place as Zoom Video Webinars. Attendees must register for each event separately.

Session I on April 25 3:00-5:00 will provide an overview of the history of local social determinants of health care disparities and the resulting adverse effects that are pervasive in society, medical, nursing, allied professional education and the clinical environment today. Register by April 24 for this Session at

Session II on May 23 3:00-5:00 will provide an overview of systemic unconscious bias and the importance of understanding its effects on society, medicine caring models, and patients. Register by May 22 for this Session at

Session III on June 13, 3:00-5:00 will feature a facilitated group discussion to imagine an improved health care system including:

1. What role should community and health care leadership play in a building strong health care community that enhances continual learning, fosters innovation and builds capacity to help in mitigating the adverse effects of systematic disparities?
2. What tools can are currently available that can help track progress in your efforts and
systematic improvements?

3. How do you build capacity?

Register by June 12 for this Session at